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The result is perfectly usable prior-year models for which you would have paid full price only a few months ago. While winter weddings are most popular in February especially around Valentine's Day in January you often find great bargains at wedding gown shops and wedding halls which are all primed and ready to cut you a special deal during one of the slowest wedding months of the year. Also look for great savings on carpet this month, a traditionally slow time due to sloppy winter weather for purchases on any type of new floor covering.

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Finally, April is also the time for great deals on vacuum cleaners as inventory clearances make way for brand new models coming out in June. Princess Beanie Babies with these tags were destined to be sold by retailers in Canada. For any of the other versions of Princess , the Canada tush tag adds only one or two dollars to the value of the Beanie Baby. The writer of the original article as is usual with these types of articles used "listing" prices on eBay, as opposed to the prices buyers have actually paid for Princess over the past 30 - 60 days, to support the premise that Princess is valuable.

We are truly sad so many peoples' hopes were mistakenly raised by reading a fraudulent article that suggested they might own a rare and valuable Princess Beanie Baby. We feel even worse about amateur speculators who were tricked or motivated by the incorrect articles to pay atrociously high prices for Princess on eBay for the weeks following the publication of the misleading articles. Prices being paid for Princess on eBay rose across the board for almost all versions due to the incorrect newspaper articles.

The number of Princess Beanie Babies listed on eBay also rose by more than 40 percent after the articles were published, once again demonstrating that Princess is not "rare. That same cycle was repeated after the erroneous media articles in the UK.

Fr aud Alert January 14, From time to time, prices paid by buyers on eBay for the Princess Beanie Baby increase dramatically for a short period of time. This generally happens when a blogger, a personality on a TV show or a news reporter claims Princess is valuable because it is selling for an extremely high price on eBay.

That of course, is an uninformed misrepresentation or sometimes an intentional deception designed to scam potential collectors who do not understand how eBay really works. Here is an example. Joe Gotcha has a crisp new one dollar bill. He even lists the serial number of the one dollar bill and claims in the listing it is a one of a kind item.

He's not really lying; there is only one dollar bill in existence with that serial number. Do you think anyone will bid on that one dollar bill? And naturally, Joe has listed those too at the lower prices in order to snag a few buyers who think they are getting a good deal. That is exactly what happened in early January with Princess. Tycollector was suddenly inundated with emails from Princess owners who wanted to know if it was true and also where they could sell the Princess they owned.

When we see spikes in the value of Princess Beanie Babies due to events like this, we do not use the outrageously high prices paid for Princess at eBay in our value computations for at least a day period. By then the secondary market has settled sufficiently to resume using all of the prices paid at eBay in our value formulas. During these temporary periods of artificial value hype we focus more on the prices being received by known "honest" collectors and dealers.

The same thing happened in when an uninformed "appraiser" on a popular television show suggested a Princess Beanie found in an abandoned storage room could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on which version of Princess it happened to be.

That incorrect assessment was also based on what Princess was being "listed" for on eBay instead of the true indicator; the prices buyers actually "PAY" for Princess on eBay. We would gladly and immediately notify collectors if something transpired that would cause a dramatic increase in the value of a Princess Beanie Baby. It would of course have to be something like a P.

Speculation about Princess "variations" Collectors generally acknowledge that the Chinese and Indonesian versions of Princess are slightly different because of the different Indonesian-made fabrics used in production. A few collectors claim they have discovered additional differences in Princess fabrics, embroidery, and color that suggest there are even more versions of Princess than previously believed.

Princess also exists in various sizes heights from 7. To date, we have not seen a credible and consistent difference that would relate the various sizes or tints of the purple fabric to the production timeline or country of manufacture. Speculators conveniently forget that Beanie Babies are hand-sewn by large groups of factory workers. That is the explanation for size and other minor style differences in Princess and all other Beanie Babies as well. Differences in shades of Princess fabrics are likely due to minor variations in color consistency due to the dying process used on the fabrics.

Color variations can also be created based on the conditions under which Princess is displayed or stored after purchase. Counterfeit versions of Princess exist. Check for the following common indicators before purchasing this Beanie Baby: The counterfeit Princess has a "made in China" no-space swing tag and a P. The fabric on many counterfeit Princess Beanie Babies looks more like flannel than the normal plush fabric used for Beanie Babies.

When you run your finger against the nap of the fabric on a counterfeit Princess , it feels rougher than the fabric of an authentic Beanie Baby. When brushing lightly back and forth across the fabric of an authentic Beanie Baby the fabric is smooth and gives little resistance. The neck ribbon of a counterfeit Princess is well made but only finished on one side. The other side is dull. The ribbon on an authentic Princess is finished on both sides. The ribbon on some counterfeit Princess Beanies is also slightly wider than the ribbon an an authentic Princess.

The stem of the rose embroidered on the chest of a counterfeit Princess may be slightly wider and fuller than the stem of the rose on an authentic Princess. The swing tag on a counterfeit Princess can have several flaws including uneven width of the gold border around the tag, incorrect red color and incorrect or off-center spacing of the writing inside the yellow star.

Caution about eB ay Sellers! We have noticed an increasing number of eBay sellers estimating Princess values in their eBay listings. In most cases, there is absolutely no credible basis for these value estimates. If you as a potential buyer are sufficiently naive to believe sellers will HONESTLY estimate values on items they themselves are selling, you shouldn't be purchasing collectibles on eBay.

Seller estimates of value are a blatant conflict of interest. We have also seen that these personal opinion estimates tend to be highly inflated. The values we provide semiannually for Princess are based solely on recorded and legitimate current sales. We can be honest and impartial with value calculations because we do not buy and sell Princess Beanie Babies. We have absolutely no vested interest in the value of Princess and provide the valuations as a service to collectors who need unbiased and credible information on which to base potential purchases.

We do not provide this value service for any other Beanie Babies. That allows us to focus solely on the Princess values. Printed value guides are a thing of the past because values change almost every day, due primarily to the new online secondary markets like eBay. To determine the values for Princess , we take all of the "sold listings" values completed transactions for each verifiable category of Princess during the previous day period and average those prices paid.

From time to time, an eBay sale is registered at an unusually high price so far out of the normal range for a particular variety of Princess , it is totally uncharacteristic and in our opinion should not be used to determine average values. We also tend to omit sales at uncharacteristically high values when the seller has misrepresented the facts or otherwise attempted to manipulate the listing in order to make their Princess appear more valuable than the secondary market averages for that item.

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